My name is Asha Molock and I am the author of Gaining Strength from Weakness: 101 Positive Thoughts for HIV Positive People, which won a book award from The Association of Black Sexologists and Clinicians. I am a woman who has been living with HIV for sixteen years. And for ten of those sixteen years I had lived my life in fear and shame because of HIV stigma. My upcoming book The Underground Woman: From  Prisoner To Freedom, tells my story of how I lived my life during that time and how I broke free of  the self-stigma to live my best life. This blog is dedicated to fighting HIV stigma. Although, I have freed my self of the shame and guilt of having a HIV diagnosis, there are many others who have not. Stigma is deadly, it prevents people from getting tested and seeking and remaining in treatment. Stigma also prevents those of us who are living with HIV from having the fulfilling life that we deserve.

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